News about CPT - Polymer Castings manufacturer

Cleveland Polymer Technologies to Establish Headquarters and Expand Operations at Watervliet Arsenal: read more
CPT begins production of the smallest Mineral Casting for a leading manufacturer of life sciences equipment. The casting weighs only 30 lbs and is produced in high volume.
ITW Polymer Castings located in Chardon Ohio decides to close down its ZANITE polymer casting manufacturing and chose CPT as the preferred supplier to transfer its customers. The deal included purchasing of assets, production and inspection equipment by CPT.
  • Anorad Corporation, a division of Rockwell Automation, chooses CPT as its supplier to manufacture its ANOCAST Polymer Castings. ANOCAST was founded in 1988 to primarily manufacture polymer castings to be incorporated in its motion control systems.
  • CPT receives the order to manufacture the new generation Discovery series Coordinate Measuring Machine castings from Hexagon Metrology, the world's leader in Metrology equipment.
  • CPT is chosen by AGFA corporation to manufacture its new series Spider Computer-to-Plate machine castings. The program includes 7 different cast sizes. AGFA is a European Manufacturer of Publishing and Printing equipment and media.
Cleveland Polymer Technologies begins manufacturing of mineral castings in Elmira, NY. CPT uses the existing Harcrete facility from Hardinge, Inc.