Built on a Rock

Bells are made from metal for a specific reason. They must be heard miles away. Vibration is key to it's performance and function. Modern machines however require the opposite. Metal working machines, semiconductor production machines, and metrology or medical equipment all require structures that dampen vibration, which results in increased stability and enhanced performance.

At CPT we combine earth's natural resources with modern man made materials to help our customers design and engineer innovative products. And it is done without hurting the environment.

In other words, you "Build on a rock!"

Michael P. Ferrell / Times Union

CPT to expand operations at Watervliet Arsenal, NY.

CPT plans to create and retain 30 high-tech jobs in New York‘s burgeoning nanotechnology industry in the Capitol region and utilize 30,000 square feet of space — triple the size of its existing facility. The investment includes fit-up and renovation of space at the Watervliet Arsenal and the acquisition of new equipment.

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  • Non Metallic
  • Superior vibration dampening
  • Design flexibility
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  • Design assistance
  • Several mold types available
  • Cost saving epoxy resins
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  • Biotech & Life Sciences
  • Medical
  • Semiconductor
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